So after not posting anything on Newgrounds for a long time, I decided to post some of my old stuff I have. Hopefully it'll also give me the motivation to actually make animations again but we'll see. Anyways it's great to be back for this short amount of time!

Well once again I decide to get off my lazy ass and make another animated cartoon with those same two guy I had. The cartoon is called Two Years Too Late and other than working on it alone like I did for the last two cartoons, I actually got help with things that people bugged me about before (like the background designs). So go and check it out and Vote 5!

Movie Number Three?!? Well Okay!

Hey you! Movie number 2!

2009-06-14 19:23:21 by Angry-Ed

Hi Newgrounds! I finally decided to get off my ass again and make a new cartoon! it's called Microwave Mayhem and I had fun making it. So check it out and vote respectfully on it because it cool to vote.

Hey you! Movie number 2!

I Made a Movie?

2008-11-12 18:49:37 by Angry-Ed

Hey Newgrounds, remember me. I joined here about four years ago and haven't done anything since but vote. Well today I finally got off my ass and posted a flash movie Entitled "Guitar Hero Timewaster". Feel free to check it out and vote on it. Eventually I want to try and make some more stuff but I don't know I still might be too lazy for anything right now. Well go and check out my movie and enjoy.